People Handling course

People Handling Training

The People Handling Course is suitable for someone doing the course for the first time or refresher training.

Using the theories of Manual Handling, multiple practical scenarios are used to apply those principles to patient and people moving.

The health & welfare of the person doing the lift and the person being moved are stressed throughout the exercises.



Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act

Musculo-skeletal system

mechanism of injury

Ergonomics and risk assessment of the task

Principles of safe people moving & handling

Potential harm through incorrect people lifting techniques

Introduction to people handling equipment

Practical demonstration of people handling techniques: Transfer to/from a bed, slide sheets, banana boards, pushing and pulling wheelchairs, use of hoist and sling




A People Handling certificate of attendance is received upon completion of the course. It is valid for 2 years.

Instructor is a QQI accredited People Handling Instructor