Abrasive Wheel Course – to be confirmed


Date: to be confirmed

Time: 9.30am to 1pm

Location: CMLS Building, Glenascaul Industrial Estate,, Oranmore, Galway, H91FRH2

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The Abrasive Wheel Course is a half day course designed to train attendees in the safe storage, selection, mounting & dressing of an Abrasive Wheel.

Abrasive wheels training is legally required for everyone involved in the selection, storage and handling, mounting, dressing and use of abrasive wheels. This includes all types of abrasive wheels either fixed (e.g. Bench grinders or polishers) or portable (e.g. angle grinders).

The course covers the theory and make up of abrasive wheels . This assists in the selection of a wheel for a task.  An understanding of what wheels to select for the specific finish required and the material being cut or polished. How to safely mount those wheels so that there is no break up of the wheel or slippage. And also dressing a wheel for longevity and safety.